[SoC] Weekly Report - ScribeUI

Jessica Lapointe jlapointe at mapgears.com
Fri Jul 26 11:23:20 PDT 2013

*Week 6:*
*Work done:*
First release ! available here:
This involved fixing as much last minute bugs as possible so that the first
release is as smooth as possible. Also, throughout testing of the
installation process, I had the chance to have someone not involved with
the project to do the whole installation process, which helped a lot in
making the instructions clear for new users :)
I started installing the new scribe script, but everything is broken for
*Next week:*
New scribe script! Moe comments from the community (or I least, I hope so),
I might set up a public demo, that should get more feedback incoming. That
should be all I will be able to do, if there is time left, I'll takle the
issues listed on the github.
*Problems Encountered:*
There were some flaws in the new install instructions, I'm very happy we
were able to catch most of them before the release.
Integrating the new Scribe script has me editing the python / flask
back-end (I almost exclusively worked on the jquery-ui front-end up to
now). This is one my first times doing anything in python, so this part is
much slower for now.

Other than that, everything is pretty good.

This week's release notes of ScribeUI 0.1 are available on the blog ! I am
very happy to have this ready before the mid-term evaluation :)

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