[SoC] GSoC 13 WR 6 - Hydrologically controlled landslides susceptibility tool for uDig

Marco Foi gsoc at mcfoi.it
Mon Jul 29 00:19:35 PDT 2013

GSoC 13 WR 6 - Hydrologically controlled landslides susceptibility tool for

Hi mates!

I’m Marco and I am working on the development of a tool to assess
susceptibility of hydrologically controlled shallow landslides.
The software will be based on the Ph.D. Thesis in Environmental Engineering
by Lanni C. (2012) and will consist of a model available for use within the
uDig/JGrass Spatial Toolbox

These are the tasks I’ve been doing during this third week:

• What did I do this week?

- In this week I finally managed to start putting pieces together. I could
complete the development of a small module by writing proper Java logic and
adding Osm3 annotations so to be able to have it running within the
JGrassTools framework. I also implemented proper unit testing methods
within a JUnit class that will host in future all other tests. Implemented
logic was trivial (calculating soil thickness from slope) but was rater
satisfying to be able to see something working.. ..at last!
- I also virtually met Cristiano Lanni and spent some hours running through
its original R script to better understand some of its miterious procedures

• What will I be working on next week?

- I should be able to setup a second virtual meeting with Cristiano Lanni
since we could get just half the way along its R script.

- I will keep creating sub-mdules that deal with preliminary stages of the
core algorithm. In other words I will keep destructuring the original R
stript and re-engineering it on a object-oriented way to promote
encapsulation and reusability.

• Did I meet with any stumbling blocks?

- Technically speaking, no.

Best regards,
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