[SoC] GSoC'13 OpenTripPlanner-for-Android Weekly Report #14

Vreixo González vreixo at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 11:12:06 PDT 2013

Hi all,

At the beginning of the week I have finished to externalize all the text
resources of the app and I have created the translations for Spanish,
Galician, French, Romanian and Portuguese. I just did the two first but I
revised all with the help of the friends that made them. I have also solved
some last time little bugs.

After this we have made the release in the "Play Store" and Sean has made a
deep testing of the app founding some new bugs. For this bugs I have forked
the repo to my GitHub account and created separate branches for each one. I
have commented problems and discussed the solutions in issues page of the
project. For the most part fixes are done and already merged or with the
pull request made. This will be the more organized way of work from now on.
are already closed)

Also I have made documentation for the project with Javadoc for the core
functions of the app (this branch
https://github.com/vreixo/OpenTripPlanner-for-Android/tree/issue50) and
updated the wiki and added new pages to it:

I suppose that there are some mistakes of "use of English" but when would
be possible I would correct it with the help of Sean or Stefan.

I will work these days in adding some graphs to understand better the flow
of the app.

My work for this project won't stop here as I will continue to solve the
bugs that will appear and I have already planned new more features
necessary to my thesis project.

It was a great experience to participate in this program and I'm very happy
and thankful with Stefan, Sean, OSGeo, OTP community and everyone else
related to the program.

Best regards,
Vreixo González
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