[SoC] GSoC Report Week 7 - WNS Service

Priska isaska91 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 13:16:55 PDT 2014

Hi everyone

This week I inserted the method DeleteNotification in the set of REST 
operations, because I noted that it was still missing. It uses the same 
approach that all other REST requests. I tried to test the 
implementation, but I'm still encountering difficulties in connecting to 
the service via Apache

Next week I will continue trying to access the service in order to test 
my implementation

The problem is the same as last week: Apache doesn't allow me to access 
the service, returning always an error 500. The log contains the 
following message: configuration error:  "couldn't perform 
authentication. AuthType not set!: /istsos/admin/"
I checked the permissions on the files and the configuration of Apache, 
but it still does not work.

You will find a detailed documentation of my work on the wiki page:

Best Regards

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