[SoC] Neo4j Spatial Cypher Week 8 Report

William Lyon lyonwj at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 13:14:09 PDT 2014

Hi Everyone -

Week 8 full report is available here: https://github.com/johnymontana/neo4j/wiki/week8

What did I accomplish this week?
* Updated existing Distance function to access Spatial layer and use configured GeometryEncoder for that layer to convert node/string parameters to Geometry object for distance calculation.
* To support this the Distance function signature was modified to take an additional parameter, the Spatial Layer name.

What will I do next week?
* This still results in calculating distance for all nodes in SomeLayer. For more efficiency "what should be done is to build a bounding box with the size based on the inequality value (in this example 10) and perform an index query with that search polygon, and then for each geometry returned, do a fine grained distance calculation, returning the results." This will be my goal for next week, as well as updating the first pass implementation of the Intersects Cypher function.

Am I blocked on anything?



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