[SoC] Report 4 - Add productivity tools to MapServer's ScribeUI

Samuel Lapointe samuellapointe at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 12:47:03 PDT 2015

Hello all. Here’s my fourth report for the ScribeUI project.

*Completed this week*

   - I added error widgets in the editor. Some errors can’t be found
   directly in the editor, only in the result tab, but it gets most of them.
   - Added a notification when the map can’t render.
   - With these changes completed, I released update v1.4. You can see all
   the details here <https://github.com/mapgears/scribeui/releases/tag/v1.4>
   - Updated the demo and the website for the new release.
   - Announced the release on the blog and on the mapserver users mailing

*Plan for next week*

   - I will start to work on the second task for this summer: import and
   export. Next week, I want to be able to export maps in a zipped file, and
   let the user download it. I will have to think about how to pack
   dependencies like map data, if I do.

*Blocking issues*

No blocking issues this week.

Have a nice week-end!
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