[SoC] Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit 2015 - Geospatial BoF

Margherita Di Leo diregola at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 05:27:01 PST 2015

Hello all,

Anne and I attended GSoC mentor summit last week, and held a BoF together
with other fellow geo-GSoC admins and mentors:

   - Luis Esteve Elfau - GNSS-SDR

   - William Wu and Jiehua Chen - Africa Soil Information System

   - Andrew Leahy and Ben Goldstein - Liquid Galaxy

   - Dmitry Kiselev - OSM

   - Zeeshan Ali - Red Hat (Geoclue, GeoclueShare, GNOME Maps)

   - David Percy - Portland State University

   - James Kinney - Biomedical Informatics, Emory University

Here is the summary of our meeting:

It has been overall a great discussion and hopefully will lead to a tighter
collaboration among our institutions involved in geo-related GSoC projects.

Looking forward for GSoC 2016!

Madi and Anne

Margherita Di Leo
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