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Luka Glusica luka.glusica89 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 15:03:44 PDT 2016

Hello everyone,

*Brief description:*
My project is called istSOS Web API and is focused on implementation of an
easy to use framework that will offer to the final user the ability of
building feature-rich web widget that will be easily embeddable into
existing web sites.

Building of istSOS Web API is focused on two parts:

   - development of the JavaScript core library, that will expose in
   JavaScript language, communication with the istSOS REST API interface.
   - building the easy-to-use Web framework (istSOS Web widget creator),
   which will use JavaScript core library to enable creation of feature-rich
   Web widget, that will be easily embeddable into existing Web sites.

*The state of the project as it was before your GSoC:*

Before my GSoC, IstSOS data couldn't be published on the Web, without hard
coding from scratch. Developers would have had to learn about WA REST
interface, to implement those requests in order to get the data, to define
how they want to publish that data, etc...

*The addition that your project brought to the software:*

With istSOS Web API, developers can use powerfull* istSOS core JavaScript
library* that covers most of the WA REST HTTP requests. Also, developers
now have* istSOS Web widget creator *, at their disposal. This is an
application that uses istSOS core Javascript library and offers the set of
widget creator tools:

   - Map - developers can easily build map widgets, that show sensor
   locations, last observation and date&time of the last observation for each
   - Box - developers can easily build boxes, that contain sensor name,
   date&time of the last observation, and last observation values for each
   observed property related to selected sensor
   - Chart - integrated framework from the project - VistSOS - Data
   visualization framework. Developers can easily configure and build several
   types of interactive charts, that represent observation data in selected
   time span.


JavaScript Core Library (Commits):

Web widget creator (Commits):

Project Wiki page:

JavaScript Core Library (Usage instructions):

Web widget creator (Usage instructions):


JavaScript Core library - Class structure:

Web widget creator output screenshots:

*Important note:*
By August 23, code will be moved to main repositories:

Also, there is still some work to be done, like bug fixing, updating
documentation about JavaScript core API and compiling the library using
advanced optimiziations from closure compiler.
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