[SoC] Report #12 - VistSOS Data Visualization Framework

Felipe Poveda felipe07 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 14:29:14 PDT 2016

Dear all,

This is my last report to OSGeo before the final delivery.

The idea of my project is the development of a framework for defining chart
visualizations of sensor observations managed my istSOS. The scope
comprises some important design objectives like a flexible and easy way of
defining charts as well as a reusable approach for sharing the charts with
minimum impact on the user website.

Before the project, istSOS didn't have a tool to create charts of
observations in a Web environment. Therefore, the implementation started
from zero, exploring some technologies and approaches to achieve the goals
and also taking design decisions to fix the issues that appeared along the

The value brought by this project to istSOS is the capability of defining
charts for time series and aggregation statistics on the observations
managed by the system istSOS. The interaction between VistSOS and istSOS
was mediated by the istsos-core library which was developed in parallel by
another student during this summer of code.

In the following link you can find the website for the final submission of
the project along with all the links to the repository, commits list,
backlog and wiki:

VistSOS <https://felipe07.github.io/VistSOS-1/>

Have a great week.
*Felipe Poveda*
*VistSOS project*
*GSoC 2016*

VistSOS repository. <https://github.com/felipe07/VistSOS-1>
VistSOS Wiki <https://github.com/felipe07/VistSOS-1/wiki>
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