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Mayank Agrawal mayankagrawal333 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 17:10:29 PDT 2016

This is my last report of the GSoC project. I would like to thank Rashad and
Massimo, my mentors.
Brief Description My project focussed on the development of web based GUI for the Grass
“WebGrass” where people can use Grass modules on their data through a web
browser without actually installing GRASS. GRASS is running on a server. The
user interface is built using wt web toolkit.
The state of the project before my GSoC Was not implemented but a proof of concept was there.
The addition that your project brought to the software A working webapp. People can use data from their system and apply different
modules and get output. A Web based UI like GRASS and modules implementation.
Whole "WebGrass" is a very big project for one gsoc and we try to implement as
much as possible.
Things implemented- * Location and Mapset wizard
 * UI of the modules
 * Modules implementation like desktop grass (command line output also)
 * Authorization of the user
 * Input/output/processing of raster data
 * display of raster data
 * Input/output/processing of vector data

>From this project, a official start of "WebGrass" is done and I hope it will be
useful for the people. This has been a very interesting and learning experience. I learned a lot from
my mentors. I hope this project keeps on growing and will continue to contribute to this project.
Links - Github - https://github.com/mayank33/webgrass/commits/gsoc2016 https://github.com/mayank33/webgrass/commits/auth
Project Page - https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/wiki/GSoC/2016/WebGrass
Images- first page
second page
Module UI

Mayank Agrawal Lab for Spatial Informatics IIIT Hyderabad India
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