[SoC] Report 8 - OGC protocols support within OL3-Google-Maps

Samuel Lapointe samuellapointe at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 12:38:50 PDT 2016

Hello everyone, here’s my eighth report for the OL3-Google-Maps project.

Link to the library: https://github.com/mapgears/ol3-google-maps

Link to the website: http://mapgears.github.io/ol3-google-maps/

What did you get done this week?


   I integrated the project with Travis CI. Now, every new commit and new
   pull request will be automatically linted and built to look for errors.

   I added support for writing and running tests. They are ran
   automatically with Travis CI as well. I used Mocha and Chai for this.

   I wrote a few tests. This took longer than expected, as I had never
   touched unit tests before. A lot of the work I’ve done today turned out to
   be wrong, as I learned testing private methods and variables was bad
   practice after I had written the tests. However, I understand better now
   what the tests are actually for. This will be very useful in the future.

What do you plan on doing next week?


   I will work on an issue with the library: to synchronize OpenLayers
   layers with GoogleMaps layers, we make the OpenLayers layers invisible, but
   requests are still sent to the server for new tiles. This is by design in
   OL3, so that when the layer is made visible again, the map is already
   loaded. However, we want to disable that for the library. I sent a message
   on the mailing list asking for potential solutions, but no-one was able to
   bring one. I will work on finding one next week.

Are you blocked on anything?



Have a nice week-end!
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