[SoC] Report 10 - Nasa WWW Multidimensional visualization tool

Gabriele Prestifilippo gabrieleprestifilippo at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 07:31:51 PDT 2016

This is my tenth report for the GSoC. I am working on Nasa WWW
Multidimensional visualization tool.


Week 10

1.   What did you get done this week?
This Week I didn't have too much time, I did some researches to find the
best approach to render multiple instances in the Web WorldWind globe. I
also split some functionalities, using the Promises, in order to avoid
blocking the user interface.

2.   What do you plan on doing next week?
Next Week I will read more about the rendering engine in WebGL and I will
provide more examples to run the application. 

3.   Are you blocked on anything?
Right now I am not blocked on anything.


Gabriele Prestifilippo.

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