[SoC] Report 10 - istSOS Web API

Luka Glusica luka.glusica89 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 14:08:17 PDT 2016

Hello everyone,

The second part of my job is to develop *JavaScript Framework, *which
enable creation of feature rich Web widgets, that will allow
developers/users to easily implement istSOS funcitonalities and publish
istSOS data within their own Web applications.

*What did you get done this week?*

This week, I almost finished the implementation of* Box widget creator
tool.* Generated box widget rellies on Bootstrap and this is not good,
because it forces the user to import Bootsrap to his Web page, so, design
part needs to be rearranged. Functionality is fully implemented, except the
"decision making", when it comes to choosing the right icon to represent
selected observed properties.  This will be solved in consultance with the

I also spent a lot of time, familiarizing with the *VistSOS data
visualization framework* and I'm still working on a plan how to integrate
it into my project. So far, I thought of general concept of how the user
input form is going to look like, how am I going to connect it to the*
istsos.widget.Chart* class and what parts of VistSOS project I'm going to

istSOS core - GitHub repository

istSOS Web Widget Creator - GitHub repository

*What do you plan on doing next week?*

Next week, I plan to finish the Map creator tool (minor changes related to
displaying of a time format, will be introduced), Box creator tool with
pure CSS styling and I plan to have first version of Chart creator tool. In
order to implement Chart creator tool, I still need to explore the
capabilities of VistSOS in consultance with the student, who's working on
that project. Hopefully in the period from August 7th to August 14th, I
will be having first version of istSOS Web API and will be dealing with
fixing the minor issues, completing the documentation etc.

*Are you blocked on anything?*

Currently, everything is fine.

Best regards,

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