[SoC] Educational games add-on for gvSIG Batoví/Educa - Week 12 (August, 14 - August 20) - Final Report

Carlos I. Colombana carlos.colombana at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 22:31:24 PDT 2017

Educational games add-on for gvSIG Batoví/Educa

OSGeo Foundation - gvSIG Association

The main idea behind this project was to develop an add-on which allows to
create/play educational games, to be used in geography and maps learning.
Teachers without any programming knowledge needed an easy to use GIS tool
which didn´t exists at all, and had to be fully developed.

Before GSoC none of that existed.

Now teachers have the tool they need, and students will learn in a more
enjoyable way using the latest open source technologies.

The functionality that allows to play educational games is fully developed.
In summary: users must login, then a panel appears showing information
about the game, and finally the game starts. Then a panel appears showing a
question and gvSIG's related view is automatically setted, for each
question of the game. Automatic correction is performed, and at the end a
report is generated and saved. The report contains all the information
about the game and the user:

The functionality that will allow to create educational games is pending,
i'll try to do as much as i can this last week and of course continue
working after GSoC until finishing.

All the work could be reviewed and downloaded for testing following the
instructions given at the github repository:

Here is the link to some screenshots:
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