[SoC] To participate GSoC 2018 as a OSGeo student contributor

Helmut Kudrnovsky hkmyricaria at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 10:14:34 PST 2018

Dear Dilum,

thanks for your introduction.

We have to wait a few more days if OSGeo will be selected as GSoC org in
2018 too.

Google will announce it at 12th February.

Looking at the ideas page:


It seems GeoMoose isn't in the list yet. This means they haven't prepared
ideas so far.

The best thing may be that you join the GeoMoose ML/community and ask there
if they want to join GSoC 2018.

Kind regards

Am 08.02.2018 6:52 nachm. schrieb "Dilum De Silva" <dilum.gsoc at gmail.com>:


I am a second-year undergraduate and this is my first time at Google Summer
of Code. I went through google summer of code 2017 archive and the
organizations to get an Idea of GSoC. As well as I went through OSGeo

Since the OSGeo projects were pretty interesting for me, I read the OSGeo
GSoC Recommendations for students wiki page and 2018 GSoC Ideas page as the
first step.

Since I am new to this organization, I thought of Introduce me to the
organization and to other GSoC contributors. When It comes to me, I am a
Software Engineering undergraduate at IIT(Sri Lanka) which is affiliated
with University of Westminster.

And I am more into web design and development and web-based technologies.
In addition to that, I am comfortable with Java and Python.

It would be really appreciated if you could guide me to start with OSGeo
for GSoC 2018 as well as I would love to hear from mentors or the
developers of the GeoMoose project.


Best Regards

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