[SoC] GSoC 2020 - Lengauer Tarjan dominator Tree and Two graphs common Spanning Trees for pgRouting - Weekly Report [Week 11]]

Prakash Tiwari 85prakash2017 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 10:41:16 PDT 2020

Hello Everyone,
This is my weekly report for week [11] (Aug 10th - Aug 16h). The report can
also be found in the project wiki [1].

What did I get done this week?

   - Created the pull request in which my weekly progress can be reviewed.
   - Fixed the rebase from the main repository.
   - Started work on the final submission of work.
   - Prepare user documentation for pgr_bipartite with an additional
   example of odd length cycle.
   - Created more pgTap tests for  pgr_bipartite that includes tests
   for odd length cycle and even length cycle.
   - Modified docquaries and output column for bipartite.

What do I plan on doing next week?

   - Refine and review the code of implemented algorithms.
   - Add more pgTap tests of pgr_bipartite and
   - Prepare user documentation with additional example of pgr_bipartite
    and pgr_lengauer_tarjan_dominator_tree.
   - Work on suggestions given by mentors.
   - Prepare for final submission.

Blocking Issues

It is not blocking of pgRouting. But I found the problem in
boost::two_graph_common_spanning_trees it was not returning the output as
they were expected, So I mailed the issue to the boost mailing list
regarding this. As they will response I will continue with my rest of the
coding part. Till then I started working in my next function (After
discussing with mentors)that is bipartite it was an additional idea.

Meetings attended in this week

An individual meeting was scheduled for rebasing the branch.


Prakash Tiwari



[2]. https://github.com/pgRouting/GSoC-pgRouting/pull/134
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