[SoC] GSoC 2020 - Develop CQL Filter implementation for pygeoapi - Coding Period Week 12 Report

Farheen Bano farheenbano94 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 13:29:47 PDT 2020

Hi Everyone,

This is my report for the period (August 17- August 23). The updated report
can also be found at the project wiki page
The forked repo of the project can be found here

*What I have done during this period?*

   - Performed the evaluation of CQL filter expressions for SQLite data
   - Implemented spatial filters for SQLite feature data.
   - Researched on how to translate CQL filter requests to SQL, for using
   it as a request to the database.
   - Designed an implementation plan to carry out the above requirement.
   - Successfully structured SQL queries from AST generated by *pycql* for
   SQLite database.
   - Created cql_where_clause.py for creating all the 'where clauses' of
   SQL queries according to the CQL query parameter.
   - Refined cql_filter.py file for CQL Filter evaluation and to get
   filtered feature collection.
   - Restructured cql.py file for handling different aspects of CQL Filter
   - Added CQL functional test cases.
   - Added CQL module test cases.
   - Added unit test cases for evaluation of CQL AST predict nodes.
   - Added API unit test cases for CQL query parameter.
   - Added simple and complex CQL filter test cases for SQLite data
   - Improved linting score of the code.

*What am I going to achieve for next week?*

   - Perform the evaluation of CQL filter expressions for PostGreSQL data
   - Code refining and minor bug fixes.
   - Complete the documentation and prepare a video of the final project.
   - Submit the code for final evaluation

*Are there any blockers?*

   - No blockers for now.

Farheen Bano
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