[SoC] Requesting directions for GSoC 2020: MapMint, Enhancing ARScale and CloudAnchor support

Sandeepan Dhoundiyal dsandeepan995 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 02:27:28 PST 2020

Hello everyone,
I am Sandeepan Dhoundiyal, a grad student from India. I am pursuing a
degree in Geoinformatics at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
(IITB). I have benefited from tools developed by the OSGeo foundation and
community (QGIS and pgRouting). I would love to give back to the community
by contributing to the open-source through this year's Google Summer of
Code (GSoC).
I have some previous experience in Android development and and would love
to work with AR so I am really interested in MapMint, and would love to
contribute to the project: Enhancing ARScale and CloudAnchor support  to
the MapMint4ME Android Application.
I have  started working on the test and any request further directions.
Yours faithfully,
Sandeepan Dhoundiyal.
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