[SoC] GSoC- Mauro Carlevaro - Report week 1 - New rules for the Topology Framework in gvSIG Desktop

Mauro Carlevaro gianimauro at vera.com.uy
Sat Jun 6 23:38:18 PDT 2020

Dear Community, I am sending my report for the first week of the coding period. In order that what is developed has the greatest possible utility, if anyone have any preference in which a particular action will be developed, please suggest it and I will do my best. 

What I have done during this period? 

    * Code the topological rule "Must be covered by boundary of". 
    * Analyze, design and develop required Classes. 
    * Analyze, design and develop interactions with data sources. 
    * Weekly report. 

What am I going to achieve next week? 

    * Test and debug the developed code. 
    * Test and document existing code more thoroughly. 
    * Weekly report. 

Is there any blocking issue? 
No, there isn't 

Mauro Carlevaro. 

Wiki: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/New_rules_for_the_Topology_Framework_in_gvSIG_Desktop_(_GSoC_2020_) 
Repository: https://github.com/Maureque/GSoC2020-topology-osgeo-gvsig 

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