[SoC] GSoC- Mauro Carlevaro - Report week 3 - New rules for the Topology Framework in gvSIG Desktop

Mauro Carlevaro gianimauro at vera.com.uy
Sun Jun 21 17:41:32 PDT 2020

Dear Community, I send you the week report: 

        * What did I complete this week? 


Improvements in the rule of the week 1: “Must be covered by boundary of”. 

I detail some of the most important changes: 

Developed action Mark Point Action. This action makes a new layer with red dot marks which corresponds to the points selected in the error report. This action marks the errors in a clear visual way, then the user must choose what to do with them. 

Added the possibility to pass the error characteristic (feature2). 

Improved for the use of the expression constructor: 

Current implementation: 
          self.expressionBuilder.function("ST_ExteriorRing", self.expressionBuilder.column(self.geomName)),
          self.expressionBuilder.geometry(buffer1, buffer1.getProjection())

Previus implementation: 


Topological rule: “Must not overlap with (Must not overlap line)”. 

Actions developed: 
                * Delete Line Action 
                * Mark Line Action 

Analyze, design and develop required Classes. 

Analyze, design and develop interactions with data sources. 

Weekly report. 
        * What am I going to achieve for next week? 

            * Test and debug the developed code. 
            * Test and document existing code more thoroughly. 
            * Weekly report. 

Is there any blocking issue? 

No, there is no blocking issue. For the purpose of continue progressing a lot of research was needed, the investigation has been very interesting and also was very demanding but has taken most of the time and so it was a challenge to be on time with everything established in the schedule. With the help of mentor Carlos, his recommendations for materials to investigate and how to approach with some of the problems that arose it was possible to arrive on time. 

The biggest problem is that the documentation is scarce, so it is necessary to delve into the web to find useful information, read codes and watch different videos. 

For this week's tasks the materials that were most helpful are: 

            * In order to improve the use of the expression builder gvSIG Association. 15as Jornadas Int gvSIG: Nuevo generador de expresiones: nuevas posibilidades en gvSIG Desktop 
            * In order to create the output layer Colombana, Carlos Ignacio. tallerscriptinguy18 

>From the investigation and the exchanges with Carlos some interesting questions arise to think about: 


At the moment it seems that it is not possible to generate an output layer through the Framework so you have to interact directly with gvsig and generate a layer outside the Framework, this could be a possible future improvement for the topology Framework. 

Another important improvement would be to add interfaces to be able to access and interact with the Framework and not have to navigate through the components. 

It is motivating that as we continue progressing and moving forward new ideas and possibilities emerge in order to continue improving the Topology Framework. 


Mauro Carlevaro. 

Wiki: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/New_rules_for_the_Topology_Framework_in_gvSIG_Desktop_(_GSoC_2020_ ) 
Repository: https://github.com/Maureque/GSoC2020-topology-osgeo-gvsig 
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