[SoC] GSoC 2020 OSGeo gvSIG Association

Mauro Carlevaro gianimauro at vera.com.uy
Thu May 21 21:45:40 PDT 2020

Hi dear community, there is less left to start the coding period again. I want to thank osgeo and gvsig as organizations for the confidence to continue with the work carried out the year before and to the mentors, Óscar Martínez who has been responsible for guiding and validating what has been developed. 
This year joins to the project Carlos Colombana who, with a lot of entusiasm share his knowledg and following his suggestion I clarify that in the previous email I shared the link to the wiki from where it is can access the repository, in spite of this I added the links to the email to simplify access: 

Wiki: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/New_rules_for_the_Topology_Framework_in_gvSIG_Desktop_(_GSoC_2020_) 
Repository: https://github.com/Maureque/GSoC2020-topology-osgeo-gvsig 

Have nice GSoC :) 
Mauro Carlevaro. 

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