[SoC] GSoC- New rules for the Topology Framework in gvSIG Desktop

Mauro Carlevaro gianimauro at vera.com.uy
Wed May 27 21:01:00 PDT 2020

Dear Community, I am sending my report for the Community Bonding Period. I n the days that remain of this period I will continue advancing in the tasks, especially in get ready the format of the documentation, the wiki and the repository so that this does not take so many time when the Coding Period start. 

What I have done during this period? 

    * Familiarize more deeply with the code, with the mentors of the project and with the documentation. 
    * Study more deeply the Topology Framework API. 
    * Study the algorithm for a correct implementation according to the established rules and actions. 
    * Set up the development environment. 
    * Interact with mentors, introduce myself to the community and actively get involved in the discussion. 
    * Set up the wiki page and repository to keep track of weekly progress. 
    * Introduce myself and the project on OSGeo's SOC mailing list. 
    * Improve in the creation of scripts. 

What am I going to achieve next week? 

Start the first week of the coding period, :) . In this week I will carry out the following tasks: 

    * Topological rule: Must be covered by boundary of. 
    * Analyze, design and develop required classes. 
    * Analyze, design and develop interactions with data sources. 

Is there any blocking issue? 
No, there isn't 

Mauro Carlevaro. 

Wiki: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/New_rules_for_the_Topology_Framework_in_gvSIG_Desktop_(_GSoC_2020_) 
Repository: https://github.com/Maureque/GSoC2020-topology-osgeo-gvsig 
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