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Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Tue Aug 21 18:35:53 EDT 2007

Hi Standard List,
I'll try to answer briefly to MPG questions just to introduce my interests:
>  In what ways do you feel you are restricted from working with
> OGC today?  
First of all I have to say OGC standards have a key role in my actual 
job for FAO [1]. I'll not loose time to underline the importance to have 
standards... everybody knows this.
We are developing an application for an Early Warning System and we 
first faced some limits into WMS trying to create an SLD editor. To 
store styles PutStyle and GetStyle can do most of the job but there's no 
way, hope I'm wrong, to retrieve or delete just one of the UserStyles. 
Another problem is about creating a style where layer values are needed; 
ex: max/min values, natural brakes, quantile, ecc. We've created an 
extension to GeoServer for this and we hope to present it to the list as 
soon as possible.

I have doubts other the possibility to use WMC now and/or KML in the 
future to do the same things... but this is another story.
I still don't understand why WMS 1.3 does not support SLD and what will 
happen in the future always related to KML.

that's all for the moment...

> In what ways do you think OGC could benefit from OSGeo
> members and projects? 
We have a very large base of developers that operate on many different 
environments from university, to institutions, to companies etc. etc.
So we see technical/practical problems and try to solve them because we 
need our softwares to work.
We have a day by day growing communications system that is typical of 
FOSS projects. OSGeo is expanding worldwide.
We are good guys...
too much?
>  Feel free to jump in and post your ideas /
> thoughts / issues, and I'll try to get a wiki page going to eventually
> stake out a summary of the collective hivemind.
> If there's enough interest, we might get a BOF-like thing in Victoria to
> have some live discussion too.
I'll like to participate to that BOF, even if I'll try to participate to 
many of them...


[1] http://www.fao.org

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