[OSGeo-Standards] OWS-5 Agile Geography - KML 3 (more open than most)

Andrew Turner ajturner at highearthorbit.com
Wed Aug 22 16:05:26 EDT 2007

I wanted to point out that the Agile Geography Thread of the current
OWS (OGC Web Services) Testbed has gotten approval from the OGC to be
as open as possible. This was actually at the behest of members of the
thread that see the benefit of sharing the development of the standard
as it goes along (more people that play the better) and getting a wide
range of input from users and developers that may not be respresented
on the actual OGC group.

Our primary focus is developing the next version of KML. We've been
blogging about the discussions that have arisen and most emails and
posts have been on public mailing lists.

Follow along here: http://ogcnetwork.com/kml
 - that includes 'minutes', notes, and links to aggregated bookmarks &
posts (and you can contribute by tagging your posts/marks with
 - also check out the geo-web-rest GoogleGroup (mailing list)

In addition, much of the software being built is either open-source,
and/or open-data.

I believe the OGC is making an attempt to become more transparent, and
this thread is a good test of that transparency.

If you have any thoughts on the next version of KML, specifically with
regards to styling, 3D, metadata/attributes, and mobile/desktop
profiles - this is a chance to participate now - and demonstrate to
the OGC and other members how an OGC open-standard can be developed by
the community. :)


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