[OSGeo-Standards] OWS-5 Agile Geography - KML 3 (more open than most)

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Aug 23 09:45:32 EDT 2007

Lorenzo Becchi wrote:
> - how long will WMS/WFS/SLD/WMC survive before KML will be adopted by 
> main FOSS implementations (es: GeoServer/OpenLayers) ?
> - does it make sense to think that adopting the future KML will be the 
> natural end of WMS/SLD/WMC/WFS?


Honestly I'm surprised when I see questions like this.  To me it
seems more likely that KML will eat the low end applications of GML,
stifling it's adoption but I don't see how KML replaces WMS and WFS.

Perhaps I fail to grok how KML will solve all the webs problems with one
simple feature format that includes a few representation features.

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