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One of the OGC documents approved for public release is the Tiled WMS
Discussion Paper. A Discussion Paper is not an official position of the
OGC. A Discussion Paper is released for information, discussion, and
comment. The Tiled WMS paper represents one proposal for how tiling should
be handled when using a WMS. There are obviously other approaches, many of
which have been discussed in the OGC WMS Revision Working Group.

The URL to the OGC Discussion Paper page is

Scroll down until you find the document.

Hope this helps.



> Peter, Edric,
> You may be able to answer Chris's questions.
> Christopher Schmidt wrote:
>> On Mon, Dec 10, 2007 at 07:22:11AM +1100, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>>> Some clarification from Cubewerx:
>>> Panagiotis (Peter) A. Vretanos wrote:
>>> Cameron,
>>> First, as the editor of the WFS specification, I can tell you that the
>>> suffix '-T' has no official meaning whatsoever.  Sure, lots of people
>>> with a penchant for acronyms attach all sorts of suffixes to WFS
>>> (WFS-T,
>>> WFS-X, WRS-blah) to mean one thing or another but the specification
>>> itself does not use any of these suffixes.  It simply define two
>>> conformance classes based on the operations that the server offers.
>>> As for the web map tiling service, the official acronym is WMTS.  This
>>> is not considered to be a WMS with tiling capabilities but an entirely
>>> new service API for a tiled mapping service.
>> Good to know that they've gone against all the recommendations of the
>> tiling group at FOSS4G2006...
>> I'm Still waiting for the document to be published publicly so that I
>> can offer feedback. We were told 'Soon' at FOSS4G2007, and I've not
>> heard anything yet. This is beyond a level that I would describe as
>> 'soon'. Can anyone at OGC comment on that? Or did I miss something
>> becoming available? I have been keeping an eye out.
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