[OSGeo-Standards] Fw: [geo-discuss] INSPIRE Draft Implementing Rules for Discovery and View Services

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Tue Dec 18 09:46:15 EST 2007

dear all,

Please see below for the draft Implementing Rules for Discovery and
View services through INSPIRE, the European SDI Directive. All
software which wants to be used by GI providers in Europe will have to
legally comply with these rules, within 2 or 3 years. 

I expect the draft will change in the future to become a lot less
"informative" and more concise and "normative", as happened with
metadata. Right now it suggests the ISO 19115 profile of CSW2 as a
"reference specification" but it is not mandated. 

This makes me want to give up and grow organic vegetables for a
living, to be honest, but i will plug ahead with an
Opensearch/Atom/DublinCore implementation of the same thing, because
i believe *that will actually help solve the problem this is supposed
to be addressing* - finding geodata, not complying with law and
selling standards to government. Cheez, even the military  is getting
cynical about the utility of ISO standards these days, and they started it. 

Deep breath, engagement without attachment, etc. I started these two
pages on the wiki to explain the semi-private comments process::

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>From INSPIRE web site:

*INSPIRE Draft Implementing Rules for Discovery and View Services * [1] is
now available for public view and for comments from SDICs and LMOs.
With the Implementing Rules, comes the first draft of the INSPIRE Network
Services Architecture [2] defining the overall technical framework for each
of the Network Service Implementing Rules.

The deadline for submission of comments is 18 February 2008 24:00 CET.



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