[OSGeo-Standards] WMS-C and Capabilities

Satoru Takagi sa-takagi at kddi.com
Wed Aug 27 02:29:27 EDT 2008

Hi all,

There seems to be the considerable difference between the function that 
is necessary for a tiling server and the function of the WMS server.

The simplest tiling server can be achieved even by the simple file 
system (For example, mere httpd without CGI, servlet, PHP..) which 
stored tile files and metadata.

Therefore, I think that the spacifications for tiling server should be 
designed based on simpler mechanism (the basic URL based web) rather 
expansion of the functions and its specifications of a dynamic server 
such as WMS.


Satoru Takagi

Jody Garnett さんは書きました:
> Christopher Schmidt wrote:
>> On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 11:53:33AM -0700, Jody Garnett wrote:
>>> This discussion is fascinating to me as it does not align with my 
>>> expectations ... my expectation is that this
>>> WMS-C documents some additional vendor specific capabilities that are 
>>> added to an existing WMS (much like SLD support is added to an 
>>> existing WMS).
>>> As such I am expecting to see a WMS with vendor specific capabilities 
>>> letting me know that some TileSets are available; and that if I call 
>>> the existing GetMap operation in just the right way I can make use of 
>>> it.
>>> So I was not expecting to see a standalone TileCache.
>> Right. I'm not aware of any caching tile server which also serves
>> non-cached data with regular WMS requests, but the WMS spec was designed
>> to allow that.
> I was more thinking for a WMS implementation that had some caching 
> support built in. Sounds like we have set up the convention to allow for 
> this; but lack a proof of concept.
> However the point is made - Andrea is correctly describing the existing 
> implementations. While this is not what I expected I can certainly roll 
> with it; now if only there was a good way to tell where the source WMS 
> server is :-P
> Thanks for answering my questions everyone.
> Jody
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