[OSGeo-Standards] Looking for something simpler than GeoJOSN.

Gabriel Roldan groldan at opengeo.org
Tue Aug 4 15:39:13 EDT 2009

We use extensively (mostly for unit test data) the geotools 

The format you describe is exactly what the PropertyDataStore (as in 
property files) use to store feature data.

An example content is like:
mf1=651|A POINT|POINT(0 0)|gu.25699
mf2=269|A NUTHER|POINT(-35.5 151)|gu.25678

first line being the header defining the type structure. It'a quite 
flexible, take a look at DataUtilities.createType and PropertyDataStore, 
may be you can use that.

Sunburned Surveyor wrote:
> I'm looking for a text file format that can be used to store simple
> features. I took a look at GeoJOSN, but I need somethign simpler. I
> need to read and write this file format from AutoLISP, which is not a
> high-power programming language. The file format will work best if all
> of the information for a single feature will be placed on a single
> line in the text file.
> I was thinking of using a delimited text file in which the first
> column was always the feature geometry as a WKT geometry enclosed in
> qoutes. The following values were attribute values of the feature. The
> first line of data in the text file would contain the name and data
> type of each of the attributes.
> Do you guys know of a format that comes close to this criteria? I'd
> like to use something existing if I can. If there isn't an existing
> format, could we get some consensus on a similar format from some of
> the OSGeo members on this mailing list?
> If we can find an existing file format to use, or can agree on one, I
> will write input/output code for the format in AutoLISP and Java. If
> the GeoTools community is willing, I will place the Java code for the
> file format under the LGPL and in a GeoTools module.
> Thanks for the input.
> Landon
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