[OSGeo-Standards] Looking for something simpler than GeoJOSN.

Satoru Takagi sa-takagi at kddi.com
Tue Aug 4 20:22:25 EDT 2009

Though it is based on XML, SVG will be almost near to these requirements.

See also http://blog.svg-map.com/


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> I'm looking for a text file format that can be used to store simple
> features. I took a look at GeoJOSN, but I need somethign simpler. I
> need to read and write this file format from AutoLISP, which is not a
> high-power programming language. The file format will work best if all
> of the information for a single feature will be placed on a single
> line in the text file.
> I was thinking of using a delimited text file in which the first
> column was always the feature geometry as a WKT geometry enclosed in
> qoutes. The following values were attribute values of the feature. The
> first line of data in the text file would contain the name and data
> type of each of the attributes.
> Do you guys know of a format that comes close to this criteria? I'd
> like to use something existing if I can. If there isn't an existing
> format, could we get some consensus on a similar format from some of
> the OSGeo members on this mailing list?
> If we can find an existing file format to use, or can agree on one, I
> will write input/output code for the format in AutoLISP and Java. If
> the GeoTools community is willing, I will place the Java code for the
> file format under the LGPL and in a GeoTools module.
> Thanks for the input.
> Landon
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