[OSGeo-Standards] Standard For Photo Descriptions?

Michael Ashbridge mtj.ashbridge at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 01:26:52 EST 2009

You could use KML for this purpose without much abuse of the standard at

Combine these two documents into one:

If you have to maintain a lot of metadata it might not be ideal, but the
bonus is you can load your file and see your photos in Google Earth.

Here's a rough sketch:

  <name>My Cool Photo</name>

  <!-- Authorial information for this file -->
    <atom:name>Michael Ashbridge</atom:name>
  <atom:link href="http://libkml.googlecode.com"/>

  <!-- Information for the "description balloon" in the mapping
       application. If not supplied, an HTML table is generated
       from the content of ExtendedData. -->
  <description>This is my cool photo...</description>

  <!-- Or use <TimeSpan> to supply a range -->

  <!-- Arbitrary metadata as name-value pairs -->
    <Data name="job-id">
      <value>your job id</value>
    <Data name="camera-info">
      <value>your camera info</value>
    <!-- etc. etc. -->

  <!-- The photo resource. Can be http://server.come/photo.jpg -->

  <!-- How the photo is drawn -->

  <!-- Where the photo is drawn -->
    <coordinates>-122.0, 37.0, 0.0</coordinates>



On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 10:39 AM, Landon Blake <lblake at ksninc.com> wrote:

>  As part of my "experimental" work with the Open Street Map project I have
> been taking digital photos of features that I map. This includes things like
> street signs, land marks, (and of course) streets. I've been working this
> week on a way to describe these photos for future use. Think of the photo
> descriptions as a type of metadata.
> What I really want is to have photo descriptions that could be used in
> combination with a digital photo of a feature by a user to attribute a
> feature visible in the photo. Ideally the photo and the photo description
> would allow attribution by a user that hadn't done the mapping personally.
> I'm wondering if there is an existing standard for digital photo
> descriptions, especially photos of geospatial features taken during field
> work.
> I tinkered with an XML file format for this very purpose. I've attached a
> zip file with two samples of the format. If there isn't an existing standard
> for geospatial photo descriptions, I wonder if other OSGeo members would be
> interested in working on one. I don't envision anything grandiose like the
> standards put forth by the OGC. I'm thinking of something much simpler, and
> practical. I'm really looking for a file format that would allow us to share
> structured digital photo descriptions among open source GIS applications.
> My initial xml file contains the following sections:
> -          Date and Time
> -          Job/Project Identification
> -          Photographer Info
> -          Camera Info
> -          Photo Direction
> -          Photo Location
> -          Photo Description
> -          Visible Features List
> -          Photo Limits List
> Please let me know what you think. I copied the java-collaboration mailing
> list on this message. If there is interest in this type of standard, I would
> be willing to do some initial work on a Java API to read/write the file
> format.
> Landon
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