[OSGeo-Standards] Call for Participation (CFP) in the 3rd Phase of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP)

Arnulf Christl seven at arnulf.us
Tue Feb 2 03:43:51 EST 2010

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this is all on a very short notice so I do not expect many responses but
maybe you want to quickly read through this CFP [1] and let me know
whether you think it makes sense for OSGeo to apply. It would allow
OSGeo members to participate, showcase software products and services
and become (a visible) part of the persistent GEOSS infrastructure.

There are no financial obligations or fixed staff times from our side
and consequently there is also no compensation. I still believe that it
might be relevant for OSGeo because it gives us a chance to showcase our
software and projects to an audience that is usually not in direct
contact with Open Source and grass roots processes and expects
organization to be large enough to participate out of their own resources.

If there is no interest from this group then I will just let it pass. If
there is interest please let me know by tomorrow so that I can fill out
send send the CFP back. I will be at the ESRIN OGC TC meeting in March
to attend the kick-off workshop there and can take initial leadership
but am happy to pass it on to someone with a more focused interest any

Best regards,

[1] http://earthobservations.org/documents/cfp/20100129_cfp_aip3_full.pdf

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