[OSGeo-Standards] GeoServices REST specification (ESRI)

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Thu Jun 16 09:32:37 EDT 2011

Bart -

Thanks for the email. We are only in the initial steps of the process.
There will be a Standards Working Group formed in the near term.
Additional work will be done on the document and then there will be a
public comment period.

Currently, the submission team has removed the majority of Esri
references. The desire is to make sure the that the API is vendor
technology neutral and that there are no requirements tied to any
particular software solution. As to the service ontology reflecting the
Esri services model, I cannot comment as I am not familiar with the Esri
services model.

Anyway, I will pass your suggestions onto the submission team.

Thanks again.

> Hi list,
> today I started reading / glancing at the GeoServices REST specification
> from ESRI.
> My first impression is that it is very closely tied to the ESRI services
> model (MapService, FeatureService, GeoProcessingService etc.).
> Would it not be much better to come up with a REST/JSON representation of
> the current OGC Services (WMS / WFS etc.)?
> That would make more sense to me.
> As an additional comment, I think it would make a great document for doing
> a fit-gap analysis for the current OGC web services, i.e. to find out
> what's missing in current OGC services.
> Comments/thoughts welcome.
> Best regards,
> Bart
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