[OSGeo-Standards] [Board] Status of the 10 OGC slots for OSGeo members

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...on the road already, short note only.

The corresponding page is at http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_signs_Memorandum_of_Understanding_with_OGC where I maintain current members. Please read carefully whether your profile qualifies for a free slot. People working in a regular business who could itself become a member of the OGC do not qualify, this would interfere with OGC's business model. But there are several options which I can help negotiate. 

Unfortunately I am away for two weeks now but I would be really happy if we could make better use of this opportunity, uptake has so far been disappointing low.

Have fun, 

Arnulf Christl (aka Seven)

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> Hi mpg and fellow Board members,
> I'm one of the ones using a slot (I thought it was 6 not 10, but maybe a
> few years ago it was 6 available).  My process was that I responded on
> discuss or wherever when I heard of this, and then Arnulf put me in
> touch with an OGC membership person.

Btw, just for the record, here is where I got the "10", maybe the wiki page



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