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All -

Adding to Simon’s guidance, the Geospatial Services REST API is currently out for public comment. If anyone from the open source community has issues or concerns or suggestions, please feel free to submit a comment. Comments should be submitted using the requests at lists.opengeospatial.org email list. Any comments are collected and forwarded to the REST API Standards Working Group. After the 30 day public comment period, the SWG MUST collate and process all comments received during the 30 day comment period. The SWG then much discuss and vote on each comment as to the comments disposition: Accept, Accept with modification, Future Work, or Reject. In any case, the SWG shall let the comment submitter know the disposition of the comment. Once the comments are processed, the candidate standard typically requires editing to include suggested changes.

As an additional FYI, prior to release for public comment the OGC Architecture Board reviewed and provided guidance to the REST API SWG. During that meeting, the question of JSON/GeoJSON was brought up. From the meeting notes:

Most of the OAB questions were related to the use of JSON and JSON schema. There was a question/comment related to GeoJSON and the REST API. While there is currently no relationship, there is no reason that GeoJSON could not be used in the future or that the approach used in the REST API could enhance GeoJSON.

Therefore, I would encourage the OSGeo community to submit comments.

Thanks and regards

Carl Reed

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On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 11:57 AM, Volker Mische <volker.mische at gmail.com> wrote:

  Hi all,

  I've just discovered that the upcoming GeoServices REST API [1] standard
  doesn't make use of GeoJSON, but has it's own JSON format for geometries.

Ouch, this is bad, I agree GeoJSON should be preferred due to its large diffusion
Afaik all the current open source javascript clients can handle geojson, while
I guess adding another json geometry variant might not be too complex, it's
really a pity not to take into consideration an already well spread, cross vendor



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