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I think that there may be some confusion in the discussion on this topic. Thanks to Peter for some of the clarification.

I would suggest checking the GeoPackage Wiki WRT that discussion (which I can do). Please remember that there were very few (2?) implementations of GeoPackage prior to submission to the OGC. This is perhaps one reason that the current content of the GeoPackage spec is different from the original submission.



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On 9/07/2013 6:59 AM, Stefan Keller wrote:
> Referring to the initial question, GeoPackage with SQLite/Spatialite
> "format" would have a chance to become "the Shapefile of the future".
> The OGC just recently had the chance to adopt this existing encoding -
> but unfortunately voted against in favor of an own spec.
Stefan, I missed the discussion related to this decision. (I actually 
didn't realise that the decision had been made).
Could you please recap why "GeoPackage was not considered as the 
shapefile of the future".
Was it discounted outright? Or identified as too immature to adopt yet?

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