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Andrew Turner ajturner at highearthorbit.com
Wed Jun 5 07:55:29 PDT 2013

Thanks Arnulf.

Regarding this last important comment, the GeoServices interface is already
an open specification [1] that was submitted to the OpenWebFoundation (OWF)
[2] to ensure non-proprietary use.

Indeed there is a huge opportunity to provide easy to use and flexible
tools that talk to the numerous servers out there. Ideally any user or
developer of the popular open-source tools should be agnostic and unaware
of the details of the underlying specification or format. They just want
their data in a {map,analysis,report,app}.

While I was not a part of the OGC working group in any way - I have been in
discussions on how to jumpstart any kind of real REST specification for
years and finally gave up. :) I hope that path still happens in some way
and includes full bidirectional support for any service.


[1] GeoServices Specification 1.0 (2010):
[2] OpenWeb Foundation Agreement:

On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 9:56 AM, Seven (aka Arnulf) <seven at arnulf.us> wrote:

> I am still not convinced that the result of this standard would have
> been detrimental to Open Source. How that? There is a good chance that
> it would have opened up all current esri clients for Open Source code
> because the proposed standard goes right into the underwear of esri's
> ArcGIS. Having the specification in the OGC would have guaranteed that
> it would not be dropped or changed in a proprietary whim. Every single
> esri client would have had the chance to get some Open Source pieces
> into their game, be it on the client or the server side. Then learn
> that it is more stable, evolves quicker and can replace the other esri
> stuff over time. Simple as that.
> Chance passed, but no problem, we'll get another one.

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