[OSGeo-Standards] Follow up from OSGeo board meeting

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 14:53:15 PDT 2013

The OSGeo board meeting today touched on interaction with the OGC, perhaps with the formation of a subcommittee (in case a single volunteer cannot be found to replace Adrian Custer).

I have been thinking of a different problem, how OSGeo can benefit from our communication with the OGC.

Initial interaction has focused on promoting OGC standards, but my concern is projects will stop caring. Indeed when I look at our projects implementing OGC services many are not CITE compliant, or have not taken on the cost of officially being certified even if they run the tests from a QA standpoint.

So here are some ideas:

* The incubation of the CITE TEAM engine is something obvious where OSGeo can help, and something I will check up on via the incubation list.

* I would like to see OSGeo projects in the web mapping category, pass through CITE conformance tests. I understand there is a cost associated with officially passing these tests and getting a sticker. It would be good to negotiate to waive this fee, both to promote standards compliance, and show projects a benefit of participation. If the fee cannot be waived (stepping on OGC business model) then we should be able to provide our own "Tested" sticker.

* For projects that the OGC is not in position to certify (such as the desktop and geospatial libraries). I would like to come up with some form of "implementing" or "tested" sticker. Criterial can be sending a screen snap of connecting to each OSGeo web service.

I suspect the above activities could be co-ordinated with upgrading the version of the software package provided to OSGeo live. This would keep the qualification current, although I hesitate to volunteer groups for more work. Perhaps we can just include the "sticker" on the OSGeo live documentation pages as an incentive.
Jody Garnett
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