[OSGeo-Standards] request for vacant OGC membership slot

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Hello Martin, 
thanks for this request. As already discussed with OGC staff and confirmed with Michael Gerlek we are happy to add you to the group of selected OSGeo individuals. Please proceed to contact the OGC offices (Barbara Sherman, in CC) to complete the necessary confirmation and paper work. Once done please confirm here so that we can add your name to the corresponding OSGeo pages. 

Welcome to see you there. 

Best regards, 

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I am requesting one of the vacant OGC membership slots for OSGeo [1]. The objective in having this slot is to be able to become a charter member of the OGC point cloud working group that will be discussing open formats for point clouds in orer to be as involved as possible in the upcoming meetings and decisions of this OGC group.



[1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OGC_Membership
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