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Hi Jeff,


acc. to the rafagas, ISO plans to standardize the mapcode www.mapcode.com. 


The abundance of proposals for location codes like NAC www.nacgeo.com, OLC
www.openlocationcode.com, miscellaneous
www.isotc211.org/Address/standards.htm, what3words, geodudes etc. let
believe that the time is come to abandon the monopole of post
administrations and to introduce consumer friendly ones for the next


The emperor is naked: with just one exception, the proposed codes have a
single purpose, have almost no local reference, are squared instead of open
www.volksnav.de/r100, don't allow quick detection of distances, directions
or angles, don't allow self-guiding, have no beneficial influence on
signage, aren't proper for indoor use, don't make smarter, don't sharpen the
orientation sense etc. 


I'm proposing my system to ISO but they insist on ignoring the merit
principle: only free systems (for ISO) are good systems.  


I've posted here a possibility to liberate the tool r100 and, depending on
the interested user, to liberate other tools or charge a symbolical fee. Now
that there is the possibility of a consolidation of the second, third. best
system, I'd appreciate if you'd start a discussion about the general need of
better answers to the simple questions "whereto?" and "where?". 


StandardForAll: this discussion should include the needs of children,
ancients, the blind, illiterate, heavy-handed, those who can't read maps
www.volksnav.de/MapDanger etc.


Maybe an actual project could lead the discussion: would OGC recommend to
Burundi authorities to ignore or to explore this market gap? My proposal
www.volksnav.de/r100Bujumbura has been understood.     


Thank you in advance, Jeff.




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