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Mon Jul 27 01:44:21 PDT 2015

Hello Steve, 


thank you for being the first one to dare to put the head out of the sand.


The system you've mentioned proves the need of better orientation tools but
has a single purpose: the satisfaction of administrations. 

Those who have decided for a square grid didn't ask the end user and didn't
consider the division of the horizon into 12 directions, used by soldiers,
boy scouts, pilots, the blind etc. for more than 120 years.


During the 9/11 catastrophe, additional panic arose because the rescuers
didn't know which one was the tower 1 or 2. This poor numbering does still
satisfy administrations: Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Deutsche Bank
in Frankfurt etc.


Imagine you've been within the Costa Concordia and you hear the loudspeakers
saying "we're sinking, run to boat 23". 

Besides: this accident was a caused by a right/left confusion during 8
seconds. The captain gave instructions in Italian language
(destra/sinistra), the steersman was Indonesian. The danger of a 3/9 hours
confusion is much lower. 



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