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Hi List,
I don't have any strong opinions on this topic, but it occurs to me that the MGRS has a different set of specifications than the four systems that Henrique listed (I can't comment on Henrique's as I don't understand it).

All of those four systems come up with a short and memorable code, in line with the average persons digit span; the problem with MGRS as I see it is that to get a useable reference to most places, you'd need the 10m grid (individual property), which has a 12 character code, something few people will easily remember.
There's a reason postcodes are almost universally short: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_postal_codes - a non scientific browsing of that suggests that the average (mode) is 5 - the MGRS equivalent would be 10 characters there.

These systems may fail from a GIS perspective, but that's because their primary design goal is ease-of-use by the general public.


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Regrettably - below is absolute rubbish filled full of falsehoods and inaccuracies.

If OSGeo wanted to do something to truly help the world gain better situational awareness, it would stop for a moment and reflect on the realities of these "new" best ideas for relating location - the same way it has inserted itself into the open LiDAR discussion - and begin working to understand and promote the Military Gird Reference System (MGRS).  In the U.S., known as U.S. National Grid, it already solves EVERY problem brought forward by those looking to describe location by a means other than a street address.  It is for this reason it was long ago adopted by NATO armed forces, is the designated geo-coordinate system in use by the U.S. National Search and Rescue Committee members (7 federal agencies) and has been selected as the street numbering solution in UAE.

Come on OSGeo members - pull your heads out of the sand and come to understand that programming is only part of the solution when it comes to helping the world leverage the power of GIS.


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   1. Location Codes - best standard for all
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Hi Jeff,

acc. to the rafagas, ISO plans to standardize the mapcode www.mapcode.com.

The abundance of proposals for location codes like NAC www.nacgeo.com, OLC www.openlocationcode.com, miscellaneous www.isotc211.org/Address/standards.htm, what3words, geodudes etc. let believe that the time is come to abandon the monopole of post administrations and to introduce consumer friendly ones for the next generations.

The emperor is naked: with just one exception, the proposed codes have a single purpose, have almost no local reference, are squared instead of open www.volksnav.de/r100, don't allow quick detection of distances, directions or angles, don't allow self-guiding, have no beneficial influence on signage, aren't proper for indoor use, don't make smarter, don't sharpen the orientation sense etc.

I'm proposing my system to ISO but they insist on ignoring the merit
principle: only free systems (for ISO) are good systems.

I've posted here a possibility to liberate the tool r100 and, depending on the interested user, to liberate other tools or charge a symbolical fee. Now that there is the possibility of a consolidation of the second, third. best system, I'd appreciate if you'd start a discussion about the general need of better answers to the simple questions "whereto?" and "where?".

StandardForAll: this discussion should include the needs of children, ancients, the blind, illiterate, heavy-handed, those who can't read maps www.volksnav.de/MapDanger etc.

Maybe an actual project could lead the discussion: would OGC recommend to Burundi authorities to ignore or to explore this market gap? My proposal
www.volksnav.de/r100Bujumbura has been understood.

Thank you in advance, Jeff.


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