[OSGeo-Standards] What should we do about OGC Standard writups on OSGeo-Live

dirk frigne dirkf at dfc.be
Thu Apr 27 07:04:44 PDT 2017


I am in favor of providing a reference to a OGC standards URL.

I think this URL should point to a landing page of OGC where the
partnership relation between OGC and OSGeo becomes clear, and the
relation of OGC to the OSGeo-Live software stack.

I cc'ed this mail to Athina, who probably can find out who can help on
behalf of OGC, if this is the option that the OSGeo community preferes.


On 25-04-17 02:00, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> To date, OSGeo-Live documentation has included write ups of a number
> of OGC Standards (including both English master text and
> translations). [1]
> However, this documentation hasn't been maintained for a number of years.
> As we go through rationalising what we continue to include on
> OSGeo-Live, we are wondering what should be done about OGC standards
> text on OSGeo-Live.
> I'm aware of the OGC has created some material [2], which on first
> glance looks to be more complete and more current than the OSGeo-Live
> material.
> I'm interested to hear thoughts (especially from the OGC) on what we
> should do in moving forward.
> * Should we drop OSGeo-Live write up of OGC Standards all together, as
> it is not core business of OSGeo? (This would free up some space on
> OSGeo-Live)
> * Should we provide a reference to a OGC Standards URL? If so, where
> would that be?
> * Should we make a copy OGC standards into OSGeo-Live docs? If so, who
> will take responsibility for writing and maintaining the build scripts.
> * Would the OGC want to investigate using OSGeo-Live's existing
> translation community to translate OGC docs? If so, how should this be
> approached and who would like to coordinate it?
> Thoughts will be welcomed.
> [1] https://live.osgeo.org/en/standards/standards.html
> [2] https://github.com/opengeospatial/ogc_school


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