[OSGeo-Standards] membership renewals

Dimitris Kotzinos kotzino at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 14:43:32 PDT 2017

Hi Arnulf and Jeff,

firstly, thanks Jeff for the concern, highly appreciated.
For me, the decision not to renew my membership is acceptable, I never
saw myself as a "permanent" OSGEO representative to OGC. Also, I do not
feel "removed". :-)
I will not go into who does what and how much, etc. Of course, the
community should be updated and I am sure, as always, that more could
have been done from my part.

I see the role of someone coming from OSGEO to OGC as mainly a way of
ensuring the openness in forthcoming standards (in his/her area of
expertise) and update the community when deemed important.
I think that people who play this role should change and in my opinion
this is more important for the community. So I am happy that the OGC
membership is becoming popular and I think that more people should be
given the chance to offer their services. So it is fine with me not to
continue and I will not reapply now.

But if these seats are becoming popular, then I feel that we need some
rules to establish on who gets the membership and for how long. It is
true that standards work can easily extend the one year time span. And
people should know how long they have in order to engage or not. Also we
need to have a time limit, nobody should stay there for more than X
years and define a set of conflicts besides the existing ones, etc.

I hope this sums my position on the matter and I am sure that the
OSGEO-OGC collaboration will continue successfully.

Also, thanks again to Arnulf for managing the process for all these years.

Best regards to all,

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