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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Wed Jul 17 13:04:15 PDT 2019

Thanks Bruce, answers to comments below. (Longer version in the paper 
linked at the end)

On 17/7/19 12:15 pm, Bruce Bannerman wrote:
> OK by me Cameron.
> As an aside:
>   * I have not heard WGS84 referred to as a dynamic datum before. I do
>     know of several WGS 84 Epochs though. This dynamic datum issue
>     will not be a simple issue to resolve.
WGS84 is earth fixed, which means a feature's coordinates described in 
WGS84 will shift over time, in line with tectonic plate shift.

Yes, WGS84 has had 6 "realisations" to date, but these have been 
refinements to the alignment of the WGS84 ellipsoid. It doesn't account 
for tectonic plate shift.

>   * Personally, I don’t believe that it will be viable for many, many
>     years (if ever) to manage our data within the context of a dynamic
>     data as is proposed by some.
Storing in the time dependent ITRF or ATRF is a separate issue to what 
is being discussed in this paper.
>   * As a former spatial data manager with a data inventory in the PB,
>     I believe that it is just too impractical currently to use a
>     dynamic datum to control our vast global holdings and software.
A static datum can be used still. The important thing is we need to know 
whether we are using static or dynamic and not get them confused.
>   * When we consider the widespread, global ignorance of the need to
>     manage and utilse data within an appropriate SRS framework, it is
>     an issue that will not be resolved either easily, or in the short
>     term.
Yes, very hard problem. One that is very important to solve. Odds of 
success are tough. Challenge accepted. :)
> @Standards list,
> We have one spare OGC Membership slot avalable currently.
> Do we have any objections to Cameron using this slot?
> If so, please advise this list by 1400hr 24th July 2019 UTC and I’ll 
> start a selection process. If not, I’ll advise OGC of Cameron’s 
> nomination for this slot.
> Kind regards,
> Bruce Bannerman
>> On 14 Jul 2019, at 08:20, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com 
>> <mailto:cameron.shorter at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Hi OSGeo standards folks,
>> I'd like to request access to one of OSGeo's OGC standards slots. 
>> From now until the end of the year, I'm planning to help address a 
>> problem with web-mapping.
>> The world is using the dynamic WGS84 datum as it were static - which 
>> is resulting in map misalignment problems. This is an international 
>> problem, which should be done with the collaboration of the OGC, and 
>> I'd like to engage within OGC forums as part of this.
>> A more detailed description of the problem is here:
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/15uBX2qICODRkiHXeksT0zEy6TuysanIxuc4anV0o5F0
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