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Hi Reese, Cameron,

I don’t have a particular preference towards the committee name, but the words “terminology” and ”lexicon" could work well.

My concern on “glossary” is its focus on the produced “glossary”, a by-product of the actual vocabulary that the committee should manage.

(In fact, the committee should manage “concepts” but the “concepts management committee” sounds too weird.)



Ronald Tse
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hello Cameron,

the name of the group is really what you and your fellow OSGEO colleagues feel best conveys the work of the group. in ISO" terminology" is used, but also "vocabulary" is an often heard. in our group, i think for historical reasons we used "terminology." over the close to 20 years the group has been active, i think there have been a number of new fields of study or advances in IT which as given rise to other names.  in tc211 our glossary is an "output" product of the terminology repository, to which our members then add translations for the terms.  from the work that has taken place over the years, i guess i am more familiar with "terminology" and how we have been using it in tc211.

as for the location of the wiki page, i am not really familiar with OSGEO projects. after you have found a place for the group i will start to add those items mentioned earlier.  just let me know the location. if we need a group authorized before the page is created then the current location can be used as content may be helpful as background to the authorization process/requirements. it can always be moved.

thank you,


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