October Meeting

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How about a mini demo fair of our own. putting something together of
our own that could be taken away and promoted somewhere else or at the
very least point to.


>>> >>> "Fischer, Brian" <bfischer at HOUSTONENGINEERINGINC.COM> wrote:
works for me as long as the date doesn't conflict with MN GIS/LIS

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Howdy gang,

Just talking to Howard Butler who'll be in town beginning of October.
Is there any interest in having a meeting on Tuesday, October 9th?

Possible agenda items:
Howard has volunteered to present his FOSS4G talk
Recap of what went down in Victoria at FOSS4G
Update on local activities

I will offer up the MAC for a meeting location.  We could tag on a trip
to Buster's again if anyone would like.

Other ideas???

David William Bitner
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