GIS/LIS Conference MapServer/OSGeo Birds of a Feather Meeting

Fischer, Brian bfischer at HOUSTONENGINEERINGINC.COM
Fri Sep 14 16:16:12 EDT 2007

I could give a briefing on OSGEO conference along with the others that
are attending. BTW...who else from the TCMUG group is going and when are
you planning to arrive in Victoria?  I'll be there Sun.-Thurs. 

Brian Fischer
Houston Engineering, Inc.
Maple Grove, MN
(763) 493-4522

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Subject: GIS/LIS Conference MapServer/OSGeo Birds of a Feather Meeting

Hi all: Just a reminder that there is a BOF scheduled for the evening of
October 11th at 7:30. It's at the same time as the beer tasting  :-(  but
is right across the hall and beverages can be brought between rooms. We
need to organize a few short formal presentations. I'll volunteer to
talk about the 5.0 release of MapServer for a few minutes. Other takers?
One topic might be a field trip report from the OSGeo conference.


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