GIS/LIS Conference MapServer/OSGeo Birds of a Feather Meeting

Bob Basques Bob.Basques at CI.STPAUL.MN.US
Fri Sep 14 15:04:09 EDT 2007


We could talk about GeoMoose and AGG, which is looking pretty good BTW,
the raster resampling bug was keeping us from commenting on the AGG
stuff, but once that was fixed, whew, the results look really good, and
the visual differences are very noticeable.

Would only be a few minutes worth of info though related to AGG.


>>> >>> Steve Lime <Steve.Lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US> wrote:
Hi all: Just a reminder that there is a BOF scheduled for the evening
of October 11th at 7:30. It's at the same time as the beer tasting  :-( 
but is right across
the hall and beverages can be brought between rooms. We need to
organize a few short formal presentations. I'll volunteer to talk about
the 5.0 release
of MapServer for a few minutes. Other takers? One topic might be a
field trip report from the OSGeo conference.

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