[TCMUG] Lunchtime Presentation with Howard Butler

Fawcett, David (MNIT) david.fawcett at state.mn.us
Mon Oct 9 07:39:12 PDT 2017

Howard Butler will be in St. Paul in a few weeks to talk about LiDAR and his work on the PDAL, Entwine, and Greyhound projects. I thought that it would be good for people outside of the TCMUG group to get some exposure to this, so I booked him for a “Lunch and Learn” session organized by the MnGeo Agency Collaboration group.

This session is open to all, and I am hoping that many of you will come to the presentation.

Monday, October 23rd at 12:00pm

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
St. Paul Office
520 Lafayette Rd. N

Sign in at the front desk, and they will direct you to Room 100.
Free parking is available in the lot at the North end of the building.

Please email me if you have any questions.


Below is Howard’s presentation summary and bio:

LiDAR is a Headache, Here is Some Aspirin

After your friendly data acquisition vendor drops a few terabytes of LiDAR on your desk with a thud, you might be left wondering what to do with it. The obvious things, like make a digital terrain or surface model for a little patch are achievable in your favorite desktop monolith, but more nuanced stuff, like computing a vegetative height surface, or filtering noise from the point cloud are less obvious. Howard Butler will talk about how you can use the PDAL open source project to complete these tasks, describe processing and data management techniques to corral an entire state's worth of LiDAR in the cloud, and describe the possibilities of getting your point clouds in the cloud with open source software. You can find out more about these softwares at https://pdal.io and https://entwine.io


Howard Butler is an open source software developer who leads the PDAL, Entwine, and Greyhound open source point cloud software projects. He is a GDAL and MapServer Project Steering Committee member, the maintainer of the Proj.4 coordinate system library, a former OSGeo board member, a contributing author to the IETF GeoJSON standard, and an active participant in the ASPRS LAS committee. His company, Hobu, Inc., develops open source solutions for clients such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to manage and operate point cloud data warehousing systems.

David Fawcett
Spatial Database Admin | MN.IT @ MPCA
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